Buy and sell crypto coins

As much as there are genuine bitcoin or altcoins seller out there but equally there are crypto robbers planning to take your money away.

To buy crypto Currency you need to have email and actual money and mode of transfer. But before you do it here is the situation you have to consider.

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Here is my list of recommendations to check before you buy

  1. Price, you have to consider the current price you crypto if a website offers you way more crypto, wall continue my check list..
  2. Social Platforms, are now we check about everything about crypto too. go to face book page or twitter read what comments they are having. Check on the people leave comment check if they are real people.
  3. Press, all presses going crazy over these market, wall street journal, wired, forbs, coinbase, TechCrunch, New York Times, Bloomberg, Aljazeera, all they invite or talk about most of the market places. If they are not metioned any of the press
  4. Website, check on their website on if the add "Domain Privacy Protection" and can't find out any information about the owner of the website. Hmmm while taking your credit card and bank information but they don't want to show where they real are from,
  5. Authentication, to sell bitcoin or altcoins legally it is required you have to pass some verification process; usually it require email verification
  6. Trade, there is no problem with traders like IQ option and but they are trading platforms not sellers
  7. Review, check on review websites you can google the name with of seller with the word review "coinbase reviews"
  8. Pyramid scam or Ponzi scheme, yes they are back again in the name of "invest in bitcoin mining you just have to register five of your friends" or "bitcoin give us we will double it"
  9., check on the seller is listed in the website but this is not guaranty you end up in genuine web site but the combination of above will do.
  10. Recommendations, we have recommend the list of sellers if it is allowed in your location or and



To Buy bitcoin in Africa



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