John McAfee has said his Twitter account was hacked and used to promote lesser-known crypto-currencies.

The cyber-security pioneer has rebuffed suggestions that the alleged incidentundermined his own credentials saying: "I have no control over Twitter's security".

But he also posted that he believed his mobile phone had likely been compromised.

Twitter declined to comment but highlighted its security advice guide.

The social network offers two-factor authentication - in which a person must enter a code sent to a mobile phone in addition to a password to access an account - to avoid such incidents.

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Mr McAfee told the BBC that he had activated the option, but added that he believed the hacker had intercepted the authentication code.

"The first indication that I had been hacked was turning on my cell phone and seeing the attached image," he said.

"I knew at that point that my phone had been compromised.

"I was on a boat at the time and could not go to my carrier (AT&T) to have the issue corrected.

"All that the hacker did was compromise my Twitter account. It could have been worse."

Mr McAfee added that he had since removed two-factor authentication from all of his accounts as a precaution.

The former presidential candidate is currently working on plans to sell the world's most "hack-proof" smartphone.

A press release issued earlier this month said it was due for release in February.

Yes John McAfee hacked and tweeter telling for McAfee security advice whatever we have seen the effect of one tweet effect the market.

Yesterday Bitcoin.com states that "Cryptocurrency Influencers Accused of Aiding Pump and Dumps" 

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The Price of a Tweet

Cryptocurrency traders, who dispense advice which newcomers gratefully lap up, don’t give away their skills for free. They earn something in return, from buying their recommended picks before these tips are shared, and also via referral links to exchanges. These practices are at least transparent, and few would take issue with a cryptocurrency influencer profiting from their own knowledge. But what about influencers who do little more than shill a coin before sitting back and watching the carnage unfold?

One figure whose name regularly crops up when pump and dumps are mentioned is John McAfee. The maverick programmer and playboy has been a vocal entrant to the world of cryptocurrency and he’s been quick to spot its potential. Specifically, he’s been swift to spot its potential for lining his pockets. With a Twitter audience of over half a million hanging on his every word, he’s taken to pumping altcoins with aplomb. Telegram trading groups now encourage followers to activate McAfee tweet alerts so they’re ready to pile into the next coin he recommends.

Social media influencers are meant to disclose when they’re being paid to promote a product or service; numerous celebrities have run into trouble after failing to do so. The cryptocurrency world is murkier, however, exacerbated by its village-like feel, in which everyone seems to know everyone, and exchanging favors are all part of doing business. With influencers taking payment in cryptocurrency, transparency is all but impossible. Many thought leaders are happy to enter into such arrangements, but a handful have demurred, claiming to have turned down offers of $10,000 or more to shill tokens and ICOs.

Cryptocurrency Influencers Accused of Aiding Pump and Dumps
Computer security expert John McAfee alleges his account was hacked.

Most influencers aren’t as brazen as McAfee, whose huge follower count and exhortations to buy trigger frenzies that cause small coins to soar before slumping almost as fast. Things reached farcical levels on Wednesday when the anti-virus software tycoon’s “Coin of the week” tweet was replaced by a flurry of tweets in as many minutes shilling various coins, all of which experienced flash pumps.

The last on the list, before McAfee regained control of his allegedly hacked account, was ripple, accompanied by the promise that it would soon be coming to Coinbase. It is presumably no coincidence that ripple then rose 8%, overtaking bitcoin cash to become the third largest cryptocurrency, with 24-hour trading volume exceeding ethereum.

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