Free Bitcoins

Yes free, like you are not going to pay any money but you are going to do some "clicks" register and click like for 30min then you will have some bitcoin the send it to your wallet. I have tried almost all of such website but a few are true; here one you to try if you have any difficulty contact me.

Click here and set up you account and you will earn some bitcoin with out paying, no with out any cridit/debit card

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There are a many site claim they provide free bitcoin, don't use you business email to sign up. 

What you have to know about crypto and free world

You cannot buy and sell without knowing some financial terms crypto currency terms and procedures, There are some newbie try to buy or sell bitcoin even have no experience shopping on Amazon, that is scary. YES! there are a lot of websites tell you can do a lot even without anything because at the end of the day you are the one lost a lot.

Understand bitcoin and other crypto currency

Understand how wallet works, how you receive bitcoin and how you send

Understand how you can secure


Crypto Thugs

Here are list of robbers of your bitcoin please stay way, if you are in the list and you think i do wrong contact me, or if you lost your money over crypto currency send me email we will check and list them.

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